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IVG Program Overview

{ISAC Rules, Part 2733}

The Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Program pays eligible tuition and mandatory fees. Benefits are limited to use only at Illinois public colleges or community colleges.

Qualified applicants may use this grant at the undergraduate or graduate level for the equivalent of four academic years of full-time enrollment, which is measured in eligibility units. This grant is an entitlement program and is awarded to eligible applicants regardless of the funding level.

It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain and submit all required documentation to allow the application to be processed so that the applicant can notify the college of eligibility status by the last scheduled day of classes for the term for which a grant is requested.

Students who qualify for IVG and the Montgomery G.I. Bill may receive benefits from both programs during the same academic year for eligible educational expenses. To obtain information and an online application for G.I. Education benefits, call the Department of Veterans Affairs at 888.GI BILL1 or visit their website.

Gift Assistance Policy Clarification Regarding "Pay Back" To Reinstate Eligibility Units

Regardless of the program, once payment processing ends for a fiscal year, adjustments will not be made for individuals who originally had their expenses (e.g., tuitions and fees) covered by an ISAC gift assistance program and now they want to pay those expenses to "save" or reinstate eligibility units.