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How to Apply

All ISAC staff are employees of the State of Illinois. Our employment practices are governed by the Statutes and Rules of the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS). Within SUCSS, each position is assigned to a civil service job classification that carries its own specific and distinct set of minimum qualifications. Those job qualifications are used in evaluating each applicants’ educational background and experience in order to determine their eligibility for employment.


While applications for employment are available at all ISAC locations, we encourage everyone create an on-line profile with ISAC.  

The profile creation process can take approximately 15 mins to complete.  Once your application and resume is received, an Employment Officer will review your educational background and experience to determine the civil service job classifications for which you qualify.

Hints to make this a process easier and faster:

  • Have your completed resume ready for reference and submission
  • Have cover letters ready to submit
  • Have transcripts available
  • Have DD214 ready to submit if you are a Veteran

Click on the “Career Center” link for job openings and on-line application.

Career Center


Applicants who meet the minimum job qualifications will be invited to take the examinations for those classifications. The examinations are administered at our ISAC facilities. If we are currently hiring within that classification, the candidates whose scores rank among the highest three scores will be contacted for an interview with the Employment Officer and hiring manager.


At ISAC, we place a high value on teamwork. As such, interviews may be conducted individually by the hiring manager and/or as a team with a variety of ISAC staff members. Upon successful completion of the interview process and verification of references, our Employment Officer extends an employment offer to the candidate chosen from among the top three.

ISAC is an equal opportunity employer, and we are always looking for qualified staff. Information about current open positions is available online under the Current Openings link.  You are strongly encouraged to apply and submit your resume and cover letter at the links listed above.  If you have any additional questions you can contact employment at [email protected].

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