JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

College Course Materials Affordability and Equitable Access Collaborative Study Act and Task Force – "CCM Task Force"

Background: Enacted in the summer of 2021, Public Act 102-0122 created the College Course Materials Affordability and Equitable Access Collaborative Study Act. The Act requires that a college course materials (CCM) task force be formed, staffed by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). ISAC is directed to call the initial CCM Task Force meeting, during which a chairperson will be chosen from among the task force members. The chairperson will call all subsequent meetings, and ISAC staff will provide administrative, technical, policy, and other support.

Purpose: The purpose of the CCM Task Force is to conduct "a collaborative college course materials affordability and equitable access study." Specifically, the task force is to examine "the cost-saving methods and practices utilized by public and private institutions of higher learning in this State and throughout the United States for improving students' equitable first-day-of-class access to required course materials and conduct an affordability comparison of providing students' course materials, including digital learning tools."

Draft findings of the study and task force are required to be reported to the Governor, General Assembly, and ISAC by October 1, 2022. After a public review period, a final report is due to those same parties no later than March 31, 2023.

Representation: The Act establishes a 23-member appointed Task Force that shall include:

  • Four members each of the General Assembly, the public, and representing an institution of higher learning, with one from each category appointed by the President of the Senate, the Minority Leader of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives (12 total);

  • One member each appointed by the Governor representing the following (11 total):

    Illinois Board of Higher of Education;
    Illinois Community College Board;
    Illinois Student Assistance Commission;
    Faculty Advisory Council of the Illinois Board of Higher Education;
    Student Advisory Council of the Illinois Board of Higher Education;
    Librarian or online education specialist;
    National association representing the higher education textbook publishing industry;
    Statewide professional organization that advocates on behalf of public university employees;
    Statewide professional organization that advocates on behalf of public community college employees;
    National association representing higher education book stores in this State; and
    Higher education digital content platform provider with offices located within this State.

Additionally, the CCM Task Force is encouraged to engage and consult with higher education administrators, faculty, campus bookstores, publishers, librarians, and other online education specialists for their perspectives on the topics covered by this Act as the Task Force finds helpful.

A list of current members, including bios – Coming Soon.

Scope: The Act indicates that the report shall include the following items:

  1. "A list of cost-saving methods available to students, including, but not limited to:
    1. inclusive access programs;
    2. textbook subscription programs;
    3. textbook rental programs;
    4. used textbooks; and
    5. other institutional textbook cost-saving methods, such as open educational resources.
  2. The total amount of cost savings achieved by public and private institutions of higher learning and the total number of students that utilize each cost-saving method.
  3. The equitable access achieved for students by providing all students with access to course materials on the first day of class.
  4. The potential impact on academic freedom of faculty to be able to choose the most appropriate materials for their courses for each of the various methods of providing course materials.
  5. A description of the process required to implement each cost-saving method listed in (1).
  6. A description of the process by which students obtain required course materials.
  7. The current, future, and potential costs of the development and maintenance necessary for the utilization of any course material that is provided to students at no charge.
  8. The identification of best practices resulting from the cost-saving methods listed in paragraph (1).
  9. An examination of the following areas in relation to improving equity in higher education to determine whether the methods:
    1. improved equitable access to required course materials by the first day of class;
    2. increased the affordability of required course materials; and
    3. improved access to learning materials and improved student outcomes for minority, low-income, and first-generation students.
  10. A description of the ways students and faculty are utilizing or have utilized inclusive access programs, subscription programs, textbook rental programs, used textbooks, and open educational resources for the purposes of remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis."

CCM Task Force Meeting Schedule

The following meetings are open to the public.

If you are interested in being notified of upcoming meetings (and the accompanying meeting agendas), check back soon - instructions will be added to this page once available.

See below for meeting dates and available meeting agendas – Coming Soon.

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