JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

HELP Program Overview

{ISAC Rules, Part 2737}

The Higher Education License Plate (HELP) Program provides grants to students who attend Illinois postsecondary institutions that participate in the special collegiate license plates.

The Illinois Secretary of State is authorized to issue special collegiate license plates on behalf of eligible participating institutions. A portion of the proceeds of these license plates sold by the Illinois Secretary of State is appropriated annually to ISAC for the purposes of administering a grant program for undergraduate students attending degree-granting, not-for-profit private colleges and universities located in Illinois or a contiguous state.

Each January ISAC is notified of all moneys deposited by the Illinois Secretary of State into the University Grant Fund, on behalf of each participating institution, from the issuance or renewal of collegiate license plates during the previous calendar year. The Illinois Secretary of State will deposit $25 per each set of license plates sold into the University Grant Fund. All moneys deposited into the University Grant Fund are appropriated to ISAC to make reimbursements to participating private colleges and universities for HELP grants.

A student may receive this grant for the equivalent of 10 semesters/15 quarters of full-time award payments. The student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need.

All grants are applicable to pay a student's tuition and mandatory fees for two semesters or three quarters in an academic year. Requests for summer assistance must be made separately and shall be considered on an individual basis by the institution.