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MTI Payment

{ISAC Rules, Part 2763.40 and Section 2700.05}

Offset and Reconciliation


MTI payment processing is done using the MTI system available through ISAC’s GAP Access portal. School staff must have the appropriate level of access in order to submit payment requests in GAP Access. The school's primary administrator or a designated administrator is responsible for authorizing access levels.

Colleges can request MTI payment for individual students via the MTI Student Detail: Payment screen or in batches for a group of students via the MTI Payment Request Entry screen. Submitting payment requests is a two-step process, which involves generating the request and then submitting the request. By submitting a payment request to ISAC via the MTI system, a college is certifying that the student meets all eligibility criteria. It is important to complete and submit payment requests on a timely basis so that ISAC can monitor the fund balance and, if able to do so, make awards to eligible unfunded students as early as possible in the academic year.

A Payment Result Summary and Invoice Detail Report can be viewed or printed by selecting the report tab in the MTI system the day after a payment request has been processed. The report includes Payment Results, Payment Exceptions and Invoice Detail about the payment claim. The Payment Results/Exceptions report should be reviewed the day after submitting payment requests to see which requests, if any, did not process as expected.

Refer to the payment section of the MTI User Guide for details about how to submit a payment request, use the sort and filter functions, and obtain payment reports. Refer to the MTI Electronic Processing page for details about accessing the MTI system and hours of operation.


Awards are made in multiple disbursements. The maximum award amount per regular school year is $5,000. For full-year awards, semester schools receive two disbursements; quarter schools receive three disbursements. Multiple disbursements are not required in cases where the recipient’s eligibility is not determined until the final term of the award year for which the scholarship is being awarded. If the student has applied for or is enrolled in a term(s) which is less than the award year, he or she may receive the full $5,000.

ISAC authorizes a voucher in the amount of the payment invoice and submits it to the State Comptroller's Office which issues payment to the institution. Vouchers are emailed to the Financial Aid Director. Colleges can match the invoice number on the Payment Results/Exceptions report with the voucher.

Upon receipt of the scholarship funds from the Comptroller, the college should verify the student's enrollment status for the term for which the award was intended.

  • If the recipient is enrolled, the institution may credit the scholarship funds to the recipient’s account for expenses due and payable. If appropriate, any balance is to be returned to the recipient.
  • If the recipient has withdrawn, or if the college has reduced the amount of the award so as not to exceed the cost of attendance, the college must indicate the reason on the GA Student Detail: Payment screen. The GA system will deobligate the award and the amount will offset a future payment to the college.

If a student fails to meet any of the eligibility requirements during the academic year, all undisbursed funds will be deobligated and awarded to the next eligible student.

Offset and Reconciliation

The Payment Offset and Reconciliation procedures apply to MTI payment processing. Refund checks should not be sent for cancellations/adjustments made throughout the award year. Funds should only be returned to ISAC after a final reconciliation has been completed at the end of the regular school year.

Information about the payment offset process and reconciliation is located in the Refunds and Unpaid Claims section in the Processes area.