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Support and Training

Listed below are several options we offer to support schools, including: learning about the Illinois Postsecondary and Career Expectations (PaCE) Framework; developing their own PaCE-aligned framework; and, accessing resources for successful implementation.

All offerings below are available in-person and virtually. We will do our best to accommodate requests for in-person presentations based on location and availability of staff. If you have any questions, please contact us at isac.pace@illinois.gov.

To schedule an offering, complete the PaCE Support and Request Form.

PaCE Consultation

Unsure of what your team needs to get started with a PaCE Framework? Request a short consultation with the Professional Development staff to ask questions, learn how to get started, and prioritize your team's next steps.

PaCE Overview

This session provides an overview of the Illinois PaCE Framework, the steps involved with creating and implementing your own school/district specific PaCE-aligned framework, and PaCE support and resources available through ISAC.

PaCE Framework Development Workshop

This workshop takes a school/district team through the creation of their own PaCE-aligned framework. During the workshop, an ISAC facilitator will lead a discussion with the team to build consensus and develop their own framework. Upon completion of the workshop, the team will receive a formatted version of their framework from ISAC. A school/district team is required to schedule a workshop.

Implementation Support

These sessions take a school/district team through the implementation of a PaCE Framework. During this series of three one-hour meetings, an ISAC staff member will meet with the implementation team to go over the three steps of the implementation process, along with guiding them through the completion of the implementation worksheets and helping to answer any questions they may have. Upon completion of the implementation support, the implementation team will be equipped to implement their PaCE Framework. Only the initial meeting date needs to be included on the request form. The second and third meeting dates can be determined upon completion of the first meeting.