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Professional Development Resources

Below are ISAC resources available to school counselors, college and career staff, and college access professionals who support students and families through the financial aid process.

ISAC's Expert Guides to the FAFSA and Alternative Application

Our guides provide information on the financial aid applications available for students here in Illinois and examples of different income and tax documents they may need when completing an application. The first half of the ISAC Expert Guides introduces the criteria students must meet to be eligible for federal and/or state financial aid and which application to complete based on citizenship status. There are examples of a card or visa students may have, examples of supports for working with students who are experiencing homelessness, and supports to help students with DACA. The second half of the guides shares examples of the income and tax documents and a step-by-step process on how to request a tax return transcript for students and families.

ISAC's Student Loan Expert Guide

Our guide provides a walk-through of the student loan life cycle. The guide introduces students and families to the types of federal loans available to each of them, the steps that must be taken to obtain a federal student loan, and what happens after a loan has been disbursed. The guide shares examples of the different repayment options available to borrowers, and loan forgiveness programs from the Department of Education and ISAC.

Resource Guide for Working with First Generation Students

As part of ISAC's First Generation Scholars Network, we have curated this resource guide to inform your work with first generation students. This guide includes stories of first gen students, podcasts, tips, lists of colleges that provide support for first generation students, and many other resources that amplify the stories, struggles, and barriers faced by first generation students. The goal of this guide is to expand your familiarity of the unique issues facing first generation students and provide you with additional tools to help navigate the college-going process with your first generation students. The resources found in this guide come from a variety of different sources including ISAC, ISACorps Alumni, professional partner organizations, and more.

Financial Aid Application Requirement – ISBE Information and Documents:

The 2023-24 Financial Aid Application Nonparticipation Form will be available only via the ISAC Student Portal. PDF versions of the Nonparticipation Form will be available only by request via e-mail to the Illinois State Board of Education. If the student is an emancipated minor, they will need to complete the paper Nonparticipation Form which can be requested by emailing fafsa@isbe.net.

For questions about the Financial Aid Application Requirement, e-mail fafsa@isbe.net.