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PFC Application Procedures

{ISAC Rules, Sections 2731.30 and 2732.30}

Application Deadlines

All first-time applicants shall complete an application which includes biographical information regarding the deceased or disabled officer (e.g., name, where employed, position title, date of death or disability, etc.) and the application shall be accompanied by a certified death certificate or the certified statement of a licensed physician.

  1. The physician’s statement must certify that there is a mental or physical condition that is reasonably certain to continue throughout the lifetime of the officer, resulting in a 90% to 100% incapacity from performing substantial and material duties previously discharged.
  2. Documentation must be submitted to prove that the death or permanent disability occurred in the line of duty.

To apply for the grant, a student must complete a Grant Programs for Dependents of Police, Fire or Correctional Officers application. Applications are available from ISAC and must be filed prior to the end of the academic year for which grant assistance is being requested.

The applicant must reapply each year. Eligibility in one academic year does not carry over into future years. Once eligibility has been established for one member of a family, it is established for all qualified applicants in the family. Thereafter, a simplified application will be required from each student on an annual basis.

If an application is incomplete, a Notice of Incomplete Application (examples in the right-hand menu) will be sent to the applicant to request the missing information. Processing cannot take place prior to the date a complete application is received in ISAC's Deerfield office.

Application Deadlines

There are application deadline dates for this program that are based on the first term for which grant assistance can be requested for each academic year.

  • October 1 – Full Year Consideration
  • March 1 – Only 2nd Semester (2nd/3rd Quarter) and Summer Consideration
  • June 15 – Only Summer Term Consideration

Applications received by ISAC after these deadline dates will be processed only for subsequent terms, with June 15 as the final date of acceptance for the summer term