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Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID)

FSA ID—a user-created username and password—is required for students, parents, and borrowers to authenticate their identity and access their federal student aid information online. Several federal websites and applications use an FSA ID to log in, including the online FAFSA (which may be completed on desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices, such as phones and tablets), NSLDS Student Access, StudentAid.gov, the Borrower Defense to Loan Repayment Application, and the Federal Student Aid Feedback Center.

 FSA ID website features include:

  • Manage FSA ID Account Online – Users benefit from easy navigation and a secure data environment
  • Log In with Verified Mobile Phone Number – FSA ID users are able to log in with a verified mobile phone number as an alternative to a username. This feature recognizes that some FSA ID users may prefer the use of a mobile phone over e-mail and provides greater flexibility for students, parents, and borrowers.
  • Verified E-mail Address or Mobile Phone Number Required – New FSA ID users are required to provide either a verified e-mail address or mobile phone number when creating an FSA ID account. Existing FSA ID users who do not already have a verified e-mail address or mobile phone number are prompted to provide one when logging in for the first time after implementation of this feature. As a reminder, a verified e-mail address or mobile phone number can be used to log in, reset a password, retrieve a username, or unlock an FSA ID account.
  • Pick-From-List Challenge Questions – FSA ID users must answer four challenge questions when creating an FSA ID account. The answers to the challenge questions may be required to verify the user’s identity and are an important security feature. Users select all four required challenge questions from a list.
  • Editable Summary Page Part of Create Account Process – Users have the option to edit the summary information that is presented at the end of the process to create an FSA ID. If a user identifies an error, they may edit and save the information directly on the summary page, rather than having to go back to correct the information on a prior page.

Applicants can create an FSA ID when they begin to complete the FAFSA, or they have the option to obtain one ahead of time. For more information about the FSA ID, refer to the Filling Out a FAFSA section of the studentaid.gov website.