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IVG Eligibility Units

Illinois Veteran Grant recipients may receive benefits limited to the equivalent of four academic years of full-time enrollment, which includes summer terms. With the exception of veterans who are eligible for Post -9/11 GI benefits at less than 100% (based on length of service) and choose to use those benefits during the same term that IVG benefits are used, IVG eligibility units are based on the enrolled hours for a particular term, not the dollar amount of the benefits paid. Credit and noncredit hours, for which benefits are used, are converted to eligibility units according to the chart below.

Note: When IVG is used with the Post-9/11 GI Bill, IVG is the “last payer.”  Eligibility units used are prorated based on the percentage of IVG benefits that are needed to cover remaining tuition and mandatory fees.

  • The school should enter the actual credit hours and the percentage of Post-9/11 GI Benefits being used into the GAP system. The system will multiply the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in by the percentage that IVG is covering (after Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits have been applied) and the result is converted to eligibility units. (i.e., A student enrolled for 12 credits receives 80%  in Post-9/11 GI benefits and 20% IVG benefits. Multiply .20 by 12 credit hours = 2.4% which converts to 1 unit.)


Number of



12 or more

12 units 

8 units

9 - 11.99 hours  

9 units 

6 units

6 -  8.99 hours  

6 units 

4 units

3 -  5.99 hours  

3 units 

2 units

0 -  2.99 hours    

1 unit 

1 unit


Recipients may continue to accumulate up to 120 units, after which point eligibility for program benefits will cease. Full program benefits may be extended for one additional term if the recipient has accumulated fewer than 120 eligibility units but does not have enough units remaining for the number of hours in which they are enrolled for the term.