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IVG Tuition and Mandatory Fees

The benefits that are covered by the Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) program include tuition and mandatory fees.

Definitions of Tuition and Mandatory Fees

{ISAC Rules, Section 2700.20 (Definitions)

Tuition is defined as the charge for instruction, including fees that meet the definition of tuition, assessed by an institution.

Mandatory fees are defined as the charges assessed by an institution that are required to deliver educational services to students for each term, regardless if the student is attending on-campus or through distance education. Application, graduation, laboratory, breakage, add/drop fees, and program administrative fees for out-of-state or foreign study are specifically excluded. For the purpose of ISAC rules, tuition is not a mandatory fee.

Examples of Mandatory Fees:  

  • Activity – school activities, fitness centers, recreation centers, gymnasiums
  • Bonds
  • Facility Operations – school arena, sports, concerts, library, student union, campus improvement, taxes, general facilities maintenance
  • Grants – grant-in-aid, talent grants
  • Health – health insurance costs, health clinics and services, health maintenance programs, doctor and nurse visits, pharmacy services
  • Instructional Support – book store IDs, copying costs, instructional materials, publications, textbook rentals, text fees
  • Registration
  • Student Services – career services, placement office services, student senate, student attorney, leadership events, other general fees
  • Technology – academic computing, computer technology, Internet access, media resources, electronic music centers
  • Transportation – parking, shuttle buses, transit
  • Distance Education – fees associated with online learning
  • Other*

*  An institution may have additional fees that are mandatory for all students not included in these lists of examples.

Claims should be submitted according to the provisions outlined under Public Act 94-583. Institutions billing IVG for coverage of aviation, truck driving/CDL, etc., programs must only bill for costs that meet the definition of tuition and mandatory fees.