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Financial Aid Application Toolkits and Resources

Thank you for supporting Financial Aid Application completion in Illinois! Let’s make sure our students can access all the financial aid they are eligible for!

  • ISAC can host a Financial Aid Application Workshop at your school, where students can complete their financial aid application with assistance from ISAC. Request a workshop by completing an Outreach Request Form.
  • Sign up for FAFSA data-matching to get information on which of your students have not completed a financial aid application, so you can reach out to those who might need assistance. Find out more at https://www.isac.org/home/fafsa/index.html.
  • Consider a friendly competition with another school. Want to know how your school’s financial aid application completion compares to other schools in Illinois? Check out our Financial Aid Application Completion Performance Metrics page to see the rankings by school on financial aid completions.
  • Download our FAFSA® Communication Toolkit! Note: the samples in the toolkit have several areas that allow you to customize information. To edit them, you must download them and open them with Adobe Acrobat.
  • Use our Social Media Toolkit, with sample (English and Spanish) FAFSA Social Media Posts and Downloadable FAFSA Social Media Graphics (zip file) to get the word out to students and families.
  • What to bring to a Financial Aid Application Completion Workshop (English/Spanish) download pdf here
  • Public Act 101-080, commonly referred to as the Illinois FAFSA Mandate, requires all Illinois public high school seniors to complete a financial aid application as a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma. Find out more at: https://www.isac.org/pd/fafsa-mandate.html