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ING Grant Certification of Eligibility

{ISAC Rules, Section 2730.20}

ING Grant processing takes place through the GAP Access system. Notification of a student's eligibility displays in the Certified column on the Student List Eligibility: View. The ING Student List Eligibility: View is designed to notify colleges of all ING Grant applicants to assist in the financial aid packaging process. Colleges are NOT required to collect Notice of Eligibility letters from students. Data will be available whenever there is a new or updated eligible record for the college. While new data could potentially be available on a daily basis, the college may not have students that appear in the system each day. It is recommended that the college check GAP Access at least once a week for new data that may have been posted.

Specific details regarding the ING Grant processing via the GAP Access system, including hours of operation, important reminders and guidelines, are provided at the ING Grant Electronic Processing page (right menu link on this page or within the Processes area).

Notification of Eligible Applicants

When a student submits an ING Grant application to ISAC, their name displays on the ING Student List Eligibility: View of the institution that was indicated as the school of record on the application.  The Department of Military Affairs in Illinois (DMAIL) then confirms eligibility by completing the Certified Eligible field (Y, N or blank) and, If applicable, they will indicate if there are restrictions and if the applicant meets the 10-year requirement.  The Certified Date field will automatically populate when a “Y” or “N” is entered in the Certified Eligible field.  If the certification fields are blank, DMAIL has not yet processed the record.

An applicant will receive a Notice of Full-Year Eligibility or a Notice of Partial Eligibility (indicating either the date through or the date after which they will receive benefits) after DMAIL completes the certification process. The letter date will be the same as the Certified Eligible date that displays on the ING Student List Eligibility: View. Ineligible applicants (due to being certified as ineligible or having used the maximum number of eligibility units)  an ING Notice of Ineligibility and the Certified Eligible field on the ING Student List Eligibility: View will be an “N”.

The ING Student List Eligibility: View filter and sort screens allow users to designate the student records, fields and the order in which they appear on the ING Student List Eligibility: View (same functionality as in MAP processing). Colleges may want to display fields in addition to the default view of the ING Student List Eligibility: View ( i.e., colleges can sort and filter the Student List Eligibility: View using an application date range and a blank Certified Eligible field to determine new applicants).

Refer to the ING Grant User Guide for a description of the Student List Eligibility: View fields, filter and sort instructions and processing reminders.