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Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Program

Program News

(last updated April 3, 2017)

2017-18 Gift Assistance Budgets via GAP Access
2016-17 Program Funding

2016-17 Claims
IVG File Specifications
IVG Eligibility Data at My Zone
Comparison of Grant Programs for Veterans


2017-18 Gift Assistance Budgets via GAP Access

The 2017-18  budget information for the MAP, IVG and ING programs will be collected via the GAP Access system and is due to ISAC on or before June 1, 2017. The requested information follows the same format that used for the 2016-17 academic year. Budget information must be entered for each approved program and each approved school code within a program, before it is certified.

Step-by-step instructions for accessing and navigating the GAP Access "School: Budget" screens are provided on the Gift Assistance Budget Instructions page within the Processes area and may also be viewed in a separate browser window via a link in the top right corner of the "School: Budget" screens. After logging in to GAP Access, only those staff members who have been granted authority to do so will be able to access the "Budget" option from within the "School" area of the system. Refer to the April 3 e-Message and the GAP Access User Guide for operational and security details. 


Program Funding

The state budget that funds the IVG Program for FY17 has not yet been finalized by the Illinois General Assembly and governor. As a result, it is not known how much funding this program will receive. Be sure to regularly visit this page for the latest updates regarding the status of the budget and program funding.

IVG Claims

As announced in an August 1 e-Message, claim processing for the 2016-17 IVG Program, allowing colleges to submit claims via the My Zone portal, as well as via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is available. IVG Program claim data can be submitted, via the IVG Online Payment function at My Zone,  Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. (CT).  Although ISAC does not expect to be able to reimburse institutions for 2016-17 IVG Program awards, reporting of enrollment hours must still take place so that benefit usage (i.e., eligibility units) can be accurately assessed to students' accounts.

  • Summer Term Processing Schedule

    IVG summer term enrollment hours and benefit dollar amounts can be submitted via IVG Online Payment, as well as via FTP. Summer term data is due on or before September 15, 2016. Since the summer term leads the academic year for the IVG Program, 2016-17 tuition and fees are to be used when submitting benefit dollar amounts for summer 2016.
  • Fall and Spring Terms Processing Schedule
    IVG enrollment hours and benefit dollar amounts processing for the fall term will begin on September 16, 2016 and are due on or before January 15, 2017. The start date for spring term claims processing is January 16, 2017 and are due on or before May 25, 2017. Schools will receive a response of “F – Future Claim” for claims submitted prior to the term’s processing start date. These claims will be held at ISAC and then automatically be included when processing for that term begins (i.e., September 16th for fall term or January 16th for spring term).

    General information about the IVG claim process, including claim deadlines, can be accessed from the IVG section within this area. Refer to the IVG Online User Guide to learn about the online payment process and claim reports.  

IVG File Specifications

The IVG File Specifications are available from the Electronic Tools page within the e-Library.

  • IVG Master File Specifications
  • IVG Payment Request File Specifications - describes the 80-byte file layout used to submit IVG payment requests to ISAC via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • IVG Payment Results Extract File Specifications

All schools must contact School Services to obtain an ID and password if you want to participate in the IVG FTP process. If you already participate in the MAP FTP process, the ID and password will be the same. A new ID and password will be provided if you do not already participate in the MAP FTP process. While not required, schools interested in scheduling the transmission of an IVG FTP test file may set this up with School Services.

IVG Eligibility Data at My Zone

IVG eligibility data is available to view online from the Student Info option within the IVG section at My Zone. Eligibility data is refreshed nightly whenever there is new or updated eligible records. Colleges can monitor whether a veteran has remaining IVG eligibility and obtain a complete payment history for all veterans on record that can be sorted in both a Social Security Number (SSN) order and in alpha order

Refer to the Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Program page in My Zone for instructions on how to view eligibility data online, request a report and print and/or save it in a PDF format, and download the IVG Master File.

Comparison of Grant Programs for Veterans

Students who qualify for the Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) program and the Montgomery or Post-9/11 GI Bills may receive benefits from both programs during the same academic year for eligible educational expenses. Several documents are available from the IVG Eligibility Requirements page within this section, to assist schools and students with the comparison of grant programs for veterans, the impact of GI Bill programs on IVG and a document to assist students with choosing the best program for them.