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MAP Paid Credit Hours (MPCH) Report

A report exists in the MAP system to assist schools in identifying students that have reached, or are near, the intermediate (75, through December 31, 2019) or program maximum (135) MAP Paid Credit Hours (MPCH). The report allows the user to input a range of MPCH in order to accommodate the different needs of each institution. The report can be used to identify those students that have already reached either of the limits, or to counsel those students that are approaching the program maximum. Refer to Steps to generate and print the MPCH Report. Refer to the Removal of 75-Hour MAP Paid Credit Hours Limit on the Tracking of MPCH page for additional information regarding the elimination of the 75 MPCH requirement as of January 1, 2020.

Steps to generate and print the MAP Paid Credit Hours (MPCH) Report.

  • Access MAP via GAP Access.
  • Click the “Reports” tab.
  • Click the “Create New Report” button.
  • Select “MAP PAID CREDIT HOURS” from the select report dropdown box.
  • Optional: A range of MPCH can be entered into the Begin and End MPCH boxes.
  • Click the “Request Report” button.
  • Click the Refresh icon, if necessary, until the status reads completed.
  • Click the Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word icon to view the report.
  • To print the report, select the printer option on the menu bar of the Excel or Word application.