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Monetary Award Program (MAP)

Program News

(last updated July 10, 2019)

2019-20 Program Funding
2019-20 Recompute
Limited Release of 2019-20 MAP Awards in Suspense
Suspension of 2019-20 MAP Award Announcements
2019-20 Gift Assistance Budget
2018-19 Reconciliation
2018-19 MAP Close-out
2018-19 Payment
Additional MAP References


Program Funding

The 2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) appropriation for the Monetary Award Program (MAP) is $451,341,900.

MAP Recompute Formula

Verification of system changes related to the implementation of the FY20 recompute formula has been completed and MAP system is available. All 2019-20 ISIR data received from the CPS through (including) June 27, 2019 is reflected in the MAP system and daily processing of ISIR data has resumed.

The approved the 2019-20 MAP Recompute eligibility formula, eliminating the reduction factor and increasing the maximum award to $5,340, is outlined in the June 24 Agenda Book (Item 5) and on the 2019-20 MAP Formula page within this section. Also available within the MAP pages is information regarding calculating a term award for both semester and quarter schools, guidance for rounding, the MAP Hand Calculation Forms-Recompute and information about MAP electronic processing. The "MAP Estimator" (which may be accessed by students via the Toolbox area of the ISAC Student Portal) have been updated to reflect the recompute formula.

Limited Release of 2019-20 MAP Awards in Suspense

As indicated in a June 26 e-Message, additional funds included in the fiscal year 2020 (FY20) MAP appropriation will be used not only to increase the amount of the maximum MAP grant but, also, to release approximately four weeks of suspended 2019-20 MAP award announcements (i.e., a partial release of awards in suspense status). As a result of additional funding and analysis of data after MAP Recompute was implemented, ISAC is releasing 2019-20 MAP grants from suspense status for students whose initial FAFSA receipt dates were April 29, 2019 through and including May 26, 2019. These released records may be viewed in the MAP system starting on July 11, 2019. All 2019-20 MAP grants for eligible students with initial FAFSA receipt dates on or after May 27, 2019, remain in suspense status.

Refer to the MAP Suspense page for information on how to identify records in a suspension status or released from suspension in the MAP system. The 2019-20 MAP Applicant Award Status Chart provides an overview of categories for students based on the initial application (FAFSA) receipt date.

Suspension of 2019-20 MAP Award Announcements

ISAC is suspending the announcement of 2019-20 MAP grants for all students whose initial FAFSA® was received by the Central Processing System (CPS) on or after Monday, April 29, 2019. Effective Tuesday, April 30, MAP records in suspension will be available in the MAP system via the GAP Access portal and show on the appropriate screens and reports, as well as in the MAP Eligibility File Extraction.

Operational information can be found in the April 24 e-Message and on the Suspension of MAP Award Announcement page. Schools will be notified on this page when suspension of MAP Award Announcements is reflected in the MAP system.

Gift Assistance Budget

The 2019-20 budget information for the MAP, IVG and ING programs will be collected via the GAP Access system and is due to ISAC on or before June 1, 2019. The requested information follows the same format that used for the 2018-19 academic year. Budget information must be entered for each approved program and each approved school code within a program, before it is certified.

Step-by-step instructions for accessing and navigating the GAP Access "School: Budget" screens are provided on the Gift Assistance Budget Instructions page within the Processes area and may also be viewed in a separate browser window via a link in the top right corner of the "School: Budget" screens. After logging in to GAP Access, only those staff members who have been granted authority to do so will be able to access the "Budget" option from within the "School" area of the system. Refer to the April 1 e-Message and the GAP Access User Guide for operational and security details.

MAP Start-Up Formula

The 2019-20 MAP data – reflecting the start-up formula that was approved at the September 13, 2018 Commission meeting is anticipated to be available to access via the MAP component of the GAP Access portal beginning October 10, 2018. All 2019-20 Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs) received by ISAC through (including) Tuesday, October 9, 2018 will be available with their accompanying eligibility status information and daily processing of 2019-20 ISIR and eligibility status information will commence. When applying the 2019-20 start-up formula, the maximum annual award amount for the MAP grant is being reduced by 2%, which makes the effective maximum $4,869.00.

The MAP pages within this section have been updated to include the proposed 2019-20 start-up formula, information regarding calculating a term award for both semester and quarter schools, guidance regarding rounding, 2019-20 Hand Calculation Forms – Start-up forms. Refer to the MAP electronic processing page for information about the MAP system and with a links the 2019-20 File specifications and user guides.

Award Announcements

Colleges are required to announce MAP awards to eligible students enrolled at their institutions. ISAC will mail letters only to students who are in a default status on an ISAC-guaranteed student loan. A copy of the Default Resolution Options document, outlining how to regain federal and state student aid eligibility, is enclosed with each Default Status notification. Notifications are dated and mailed after ISAC processes ISIRs.

Refer to the MAP Award Announcements page for details regarding college requirements, as well as a sample of the 2019-20 Required School-Issued Award Letter Language and ISAC-generated notifications.

MAP File Specifications

The MAP file specifications have been updated for the 2019-20 processing cycle. The 160-byte file layout is pertinent to schools utilizing the file extraction features of the MAP system or for sending payment requests for MAP to ISAC via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The 2019-20 MAP 160-Byte File Specifications are available from the Electronic Tools page within the e-Library.



Colleges are encouraged to finalize 2018-19 MAP reconciliation activities and process cancellations and reduction records as soon as possible. Report all adjustments (including increases and decreases) and claims via the 2018-19 MAP system. Be sure to reconcile payment on a student-by-student basis. After ISAC determine the final payment processing date, no further adjustments nor submissions of claims will be accepted for processing.

Once 2018-19 payment processing is complete, debit letters outlining refund amounts that may be “Due to ISAC” will be sent to financial aid directors; do not send any refund checks to ISAC until data reconciliation has been completed.

Upon receipt of the "Due to ISAC" notification, please review the information and return the appropriate amount to ISAC as soon as possible, using the Gift Assistance Programs Refund Check Form that includes a field to specify the term(s) for which funds are being returned. The current version of this document is available within the Refunds and Unpaid Claims portion of the Processes area.

Close-out of 2018-19 MAP Processing

Important 2018-19 close-out dates for the MAP program:

  • Final Date TBD - through which 2018-19 cancellations and reductions will be accepted.
  • August 2019 — The 2018-19 component of the GAP Access portal will become available for historical view during August 2019.


All 2018-19 MAP late claims, consisting of initial payment requests received at the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) through July 1, have been released for payment. Results are now available in the MAP system. Payment results appear on the MAP Payment Results report, Student List Payment screen and the Payment Detail screen. Late claims received on or after July 2 will be held and considered for a possible later release.

Details regarding the MAP payment process can be found on the 2018-19 MAP Payment page and in the Payment chapter of the MAP user guide found on the and the MAP Electronic Processing page.

Additional MAP References

To access general information about the MAP program, click on one of the links in the right-hand menu. To access the page within the MAP section that addresses the topics listed below, click on the topic.

Creating a Report for the Release of Shutdown Records