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Suspension of MAP Award Announcements

Identifying MAP Records in Suspension
Identifying MAP Records Released from Suspension

Each year, ISAC continues to announce MAP awards until projections indicate that the dollars appropriated will be exhausted by the number of awards already announced for the year. Applications received after this point are placed in award announcement suspension. If it becomes necessary to suspend award announcements in order to remain within appropriated funding levels, such action is applied concurrently to all students.

The status of suspended awards is evaluated as more information becomes available throughout the year and, if application volume and claim rates support such action, some suspended awards may be released. Any suspended awards that might be released in the future would remain subject to the MAP priority considerations dates of the academic year that awards are suspended.

Identifying MAP Records Released from Suspension

Financial Aid Office or Business Office staff will want to be able to identify student records that have been released from suspension. There's no indicator in the system that identifies which student records were released; the suspense flag ("S") is simply removed. When records are released from suspense, ISAC will create an Eligibility Status File (ESF) update that will remove the "S" from the "MAP Suspend" field on MAP system screens and from the ESF Extraction Suspense Flag (position 94). Schools may then use their standard procedure to request payment for  eligible students.

Below are two different options, or filters, to use in creating a report to identify student records released from suspension.

The 'Application Receipt Date' filter is not restricted to use with suspension, it may be used for any type of student listing using a date range. This filter is also available on the Student List Payment screen.