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SSN Changes for MAP

Social Security Number

Another critical data element is the student’s Social Security Number (SSN). To improve the efficiency in identifying and correcting SSN problems for the Monetary Award Program (MAP), ISAC uses the SSN match flag on the Student Aid Report (SAR)/Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR).

If the SSN, date of birth and/or name is incorrect, the student must make the appropriate corrections on the SAR.

If the SAR/ISIR indicates the correct SSN, date of birth and name, the student must contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to correct their records.  Once the SSA makes the corrections, the student must resubmit the SAR for corrections by re-entering the SSN.

ISAC Action

If a student’s record passes the Central Processing Service SSN match, but that SSN already exists on ISAC's database for another student, ISAC will remove the incorrect student data for that SSN on our system and load the correct student data.