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Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant

Program News

(last updated January 16, 2020)

2019-20 Program Funding
2019-20 Benefit Usage
2019-20 ING Eligibility Data
2019-20 Interactive Application

Access to the GAP Access Portal

As was shared in a December 18 e-Message, a two-factor authentication process is being implemented to improve security for accessing the Gift Assistance Programs on the GAP Access portal. The new process will require the use of a one-time verification code, obtained through an application, in conjunction with a user ID and password, when logging in to the portal.

Two-factor authentication will be required for both School User and Administrator accounts every time a user logs in, and replaces the previous use of challenge questions and answers, which will be discontinued at the time setup for the new authentication process is completed. Implementation will occur in phases. Colleges will be notified when implementation will take place. Until notification is received and implementation is complete, continue to use the two-step authentication process. User guides for each process can be found in the GAP Access User Guides section of the GAP Access page.


Program Funding

The FY20 state budget did not include funding for the Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant to provide for compensating institutions for waiving the tuition and fees for Guardsmen. (ING is an entitlement program and recipients will receive their awards regardless of annual appropriations.) Although ISAC will not be able to reimburse institutions for 2019-20 ING awards, reporting of enrollment hours must still take place so that benefit usage (i.e., eligibility units) can be accurately assessed to students’ accounts.

ING Grant Benefits Usage

The ING Grant Benefits Usage functionality is available for colleges to report enrollment hours and benefit amounts for initial, supplemental (adjustments), in-district and out-of-district via the ING Grant system in GAP Access. Eligibility units will be assessed based on the benefit usage data submitted. Although ISAC is not able to reimburse colleges for the 2019-20 ING Grant, reporting benefits used must be submitted so that usage can be accurately reflected on student’s accounts. As announced in the January 8 e-Message, colleges should submit 2019-20 second-term benefit usage data for the ING Grant as soon as possible.

Any 2019-20 benefit usage data that was submitted via FTP prior to ISAC announcing it is accepting that data will not be processed, and must be resubmitted by the college. In order to prevent having to resubmit data in the future, never submit benefit usage data via FTP until after ISAC announces it is accepting the data for that academic year.

New data for students eligible for benefits will be available whenever there is a new or updated eligible record for the college. While new data could potentially be available on a daily basis, the college may not have students that appear in the system each day. It is recommended that the college check the ING Grant system at least once a week for new student data that may have been processed for the 2019-20 academic year.

ING Grant benefit requests are submitted in the same manner as MAP and IVG claims. For additional details, refer to the ING Grant Benefit Usage page within this section, An ING Grant Benefit Usage Processing chapter of the ING Grant User Guide, to help colleges navigate the online process, can be accessed from the ING Grant Electronic Processing page.

ING Grant Eligibility Data

The ING Grant system is available to access student eligibility data. When a student submits an ING Grant Application to ISAC, a record is added to the school’s database in the ING system that can be viewed by the school on the ING Student List Eligibility: View screen which displays in the same format and has the same sort and filter functions as is used in the MAP program.

The ING Grant eligibility data includes information for each applicant who has applied for the ING Grant at the college of record, and for whom the Department of Military Affairs in Illinois (DMAIL) has confirmed eligibility as of the "Certified Eligible" date. It is recommended that the college check the ING Grant system for new or updated eligible records at least once a week.

Refer to ING Grant Certification of Eligibility within this section for information regarding student eligibility data. Specific details regarding the ING Grant system, including important reminders and guidelines, are provided at the ING Grant Electronic Processing page (right menu link on this page or within the Processes area).

The college's GAP Access Primary Administrator must update privileges for the appropriate staff to access the ING Grant system. Instructions for updating user privileges are provided in the GAP Access User Guides section , which is located on the GAP Access page.

Interactive Application

The online interactive Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant application for the 2019-20 academic year is available via the Student Portal. Students should allow at least 4 weeks for processing of the application. Remind applicants in the Air National Guard that they must provide the base on the application. Complete applications received by ISAC after the deadline dates will be processed only for subsequent terms, with June 15, 2020 as the final date of acceptance for the summer term.

To assist you with questions you receive from students regarding the ING online application process and to access the interactive application, refer to the ING Grant pages in the Types of Financial Aid section in the Student During-College area.

Refer to the Application Procedures for the ING Grant page within this section for an overview of the online application process, entry steps, application confirmation information, deadline dates, a sample of the acknowledgement e-mail and a link to the interactive ING Application.