JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Who Should Apply

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) administers the Nursing Education Scholarships (NES) program to provide scholarship assistance to those who are pursuing a certificate in practical nursing, an associates degree in nursing, a hospital-based diploma in nursing or a bachelor’s or graduate degree in nursing, and who demonstrate the greatest financial need among qualified students. The scholarship pays for coursework within the nursing curriculum, but does not pay for pre-requisite coursework. The number of years for which you may receive funding from this program is based on the certificate, diploma, or degree being pursued.

Certificate, Diploma, or Degree Pursued: Maximum Years of Scholarship Assistance:
Certificate in Practical Nursing One Academic Year
Associate Degree in Nursing Two Academic Years
Hospital-Based Diploma in Nursing Three Academic Years
Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Four Academic Years
Graduate Degree in Nursing Five Academic Years
Graduate Degree in Nursing to become a Nurse Educator Three Academic Years

Please note that if you completed a certificate, diploma or degree program for which you received scholarship assistance, and are now pursuing a higher level of education, your maximum available years of assistance is based on the maximum for the new degree being sought. (For example, now pursuing a baccalaureate degree after receiving assistance for an associate degree.) The number of years of assistance previously received do not count toward the new maximum.

An NES award will pay a portion of tuition and fee charges, plus – for full-time students only – a living allowance (previously referred to as a stipend).

To receive this scholarship, you must agree to begin full- or part-time employment as a licensed practical or registered nurse in Illinois within six months of graduating, and remain employed for a period equivalent to the educational time supported by the scholarship. If you terminate studies or fail to become employed, the scholarship converts to a loan, and you must repay the entire amount, plus interest.

Read all the information provided with the online application to learn about this program’s application process, including the deadline date and eligibility requirements.